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The man behind the art.

Hello, I am Daniel But call me DJ. I am a sculptor that focuses on scrap metal sculptures Turning the old into something different. My start in this came after I had an introduction to welding with Alan Ross. He fuelled the creative fire within me and it has not gone out since. I evolved my own style over a few years and after much discussion, it led me here to showcase my work.

I primarily use scrap metal to build the frame and to develop the sculpture into what you see as the result, but sometimes I need to use mild steel to act as a frame. As its strength is better.

I take inspiration from my own self and nature. I find that how you feel when you create something affects how it will look and this way no two pieces are never the same.

Currently, due to moving, I am only creating small to medium sculptures which are showcased on this site. As I get more space, larger ones will begin to appear.


Note: I do have a special collection in progress, I'm not sure how many pieces it will be at the moment. But it ties into marine and the impact we have. So I look forward to bringing it all out soon.

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